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The Best Days of My Life :D by 1CursedAngel The Best Days of My Life :D :icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 1 4
Tyler - Turn Right?
Turn Right?
You walk right until you run face first into a metal wall. You call yourself a stupid idiot for not using your eyes and then turn around. It's a dead end. Might as well go the other way...
:icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 0
Tyler - Turn Left?
Turn Left?
Taking the left, you enter a dark hallway. The only light in the building comes from the light of your cellphone. Your free hand is near your gun, ready to shoot at anything that moves. Your daughter's video-games have taught you well.
You feel around the wall for a bit until your hand hits something metal, round and cold. With a bit of groping, it's identified as a doorknob. You turn the knob. Unlocked. Yes. Opening the door, the gun is now instincitvely in your hand as you call out, "POLICE. I'M ARMED."
No response.
Opening the door a little more, you see the only thing in the room is a large, flatscreen TV. This is a major warning sign to you. Taking a step forward, you can make out the words on the white screen. It says, "CONNECT TO INPUT 4". Do you...
[Leave the room?]
:icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 0
Tyler - Chapter One - Choose Your Path
You're pretty sure that your agency is probably the douchiest company you've ever worked with.
Here you are, a respected elder of the company, and they've got you working one-star missions like you're a probie again! What the heck is all of this?!
You groan in irritation as you enter the abandoned building. The investigation chapter of the agency you work with has sent you here on recon, for there have been rumors of crimes here popping up all over town, ranging from kidnapping, rape, and murder to the simple drug trade. Either way, it brings in the pay, so you don't complain. You're a single father and your 14-year-old daughter has to eat somehow.
Gun and tazer on your hip and cigarette on your lip, you examine the door in front of you before pushing it open. The hallway in front is actually an intersection, with a hallway going to the left and a hallway going to the right. Which one do you take?
[Go left.]
[Go right.]
:icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 0
Assassin's Creed:A Glitch in the System, Chapter 1
                        Assassin's Creed: A Glitch in the System
                         Chapter 1 : The Fourth and Final System
I remember the day father brought him home.
"Ezio, Frederico, Petruccio, Claudia... this is Castigo.* He will be living with us from now on.
I could tell you every detail of the man - everything from his shaggy, brown hair to the broken leather that covered his feet. I was only 13 when Castigo came to our home, how he became an Auditore.
"Come here, young one." My older brother, Frederico, beckoned the boy to him. The newcomer had to be at least my age, if not younger. My 16-year-old brother gestured for the boy to come to him.
"Your hair is in shambles, fratello. Do you not brush it?" He chuckled, glancing up to our father, who smiled and nodded in appreciation.
"W-Well... it's usually short... I keep it cut... it's just too
:icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 0
Fem!Karkat - Listen to Sick Jams by 1CursedAngel Fem!Karkat - Listen to Sick Jams :icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 1 0 Fem!Karkat - Ignore Moron Taking This Photo by 1CursedAngel Fem!Karkat - Ignore Moron Taking This Photo :icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 0 Karkat - Find New Friends by 1CursedAngel Karkat - Find New Friends :icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 0 Fem!Karkat: Enter Name by 1CursedAngel Fem!Karkat: Enter Name :icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 4 1
Trollplay Roleplay - Rose -n- Kanaya 1
▼: Good Afternoon
▲: O-Oh. Hello, Kanaya.
▼: Ah Hello There Rose
▼: How Are You Faring Today
▲: I am well. And you?
▼: I Am Good Enough I Just Had A Conversation With Strider And He Said That Apparently Youve Done Good With Me
▼: Whatever That Is Supposed To Mean
▼: I Think That Is His Way Of Praising A Successful Bout Of Sass
▲: O-Oh. Dave said that?
▲: Well...
▲: That's interesting.
▼: I Thought So
▼: I Was Curious As To His Meaning But Rather Wary About It At The Same Time
▲: Don't worry - it's nothing bad.
▼: Id Ask You But Something Tells Me It Is Some Sort Of Joke
▼: Oh Good
▲: It-it is! Haha, it's a little joke that only he and I am aware of.
▼: Oh I See An Inside Joke Of Some Manner
▲: Yes. One of those.
▼: That Would Explain Why I Had No Clue What He Was Implying
▼: Anyway Rose You Are Stuttering A Lot Today
▼: Is Something The Matter
▼: You
:icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 0
Trollplay Roleplay Jake -n- Dirk 1
▲: Hello?
▼: Well salutations dirk!
▲: Hey, English.
▼: Alright im just going to get the interrogation over with early on in this conversation to save some time we may or may not have.
▲: ...?
▼: But.. Er where are you right now?
▼: God forbid you be standing on your roof ready to jump off right?
▲: I'm on the roof, but I'm not jumping. I got rid of that idea hours ago.
▼: Thank god. Then what are you still doing on the roof?
▲: Thinking about things.
▼: Such as?
▲: Just stuff. The four of us, mostly.
▼: Well that wasnt the elaboration i was looking for.
▼: But i suppose so long as youre not intending to hurt yourself thats fine.
▲: No, I'm not going to do anything rash. You guys need me... I hope, anyways.
▼: You hope? Of COURSE we need you dirk.
▼: I know things havent been going particularly well lately... But we can talk things over some other time if thats fine by you.
▲: I
:icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 1 2
Trollplay Roleplays Dave -n- Dirk1
▲: Hi.
▼: woah hey
▲: Sup lil man?
▼: fancy seeing you here
▲: Same. What're you doing here?
▼: trying to score some chicks think for cockblocking me bro
▲: Haha, cool it lil man. I thought you were trying to bone the Egderp kid.
▼: oh yeah well that too
▲: That's my boy.
▼: but sometimes you just have to take a break from all that you know
▼: gotta live a little
▼: breath some fresh air
▲: And picking up chicks is helping you do that?
▼: yeah got to thicken the plot
▼: add suspense
▼: youll never know what im gonna do next
▲: Dave. Are you trying to rap again?
▼: its in my blood
▼: cant tie me down
▲: ...
▼: you know you love these fresh beats bro dont even lie
▲: Whatever helps you sleep at night, lil bro.
▼: what about you what are you doing
▼: please dont tell me it involves puppets
▲: Sitting here. Drinking a soda. Playing Tony Hawk.
:icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 0
Masquerade!Miakis - Welcome to the Black Parade by 1CursedAngel Masquerade!Miakis - Welcome to the Black Parade :icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 7
21 Hetalia Headcanons *Response*
Hetalia - Headcanons Meme
Rules: List 21 headcanons replying to the questions given below. Don't worry, these are works of your imagination, so no one has to rant about it. Anyway, let's just have fun and spend some time!
Question 1: What is a headcanon on your favourite character(s)?
"Alfred knows he's the next Roman Empire. That's why he's going to save everyone, before the next 'Fall of Rome'."
Question 2: What is a headcanon on your OTP [one true pairing] (s)?
"Nikola has nightmares about her independence from her big brothers, Antonio and Francis. The first person she calls is Alfred. Why? Because no matter how obnoxious and outrageous he can be, he's still her hero."
Question 3: What is a headcanon about The Holy Roman Empire?
"Holy Rome secretly knew that Chibitalia was a boy, but he knew that that kind of romance was immoral, so he pretended so he could be with him."
Question 4: What is a headcanon for my OTP [one true pairing], JapIta [Japan x No
:icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 4 3
Hetalia Video (click the link in the description) by 1CursedAngel Hetalia Video (click the link in the description) :icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 0 0 Miakis and Kikyou [KHR OC's] by 1CursedAngel Miakis and Kikyou [KHR OC's] :icon1cursedangel:1CursedAngel 1 3


Madness of Duke Venomania: Gakupo and Gumi by Arandell Madness of Duke Venomania: Gakupo and Gumi :iconarandell:Arandell 122 8 Dangan Ronpa - Surrounded by sundancekiid Dangan Ronpa - Surrounded :iconsundancekiid:sundancekiid 390 24
Kuroko, Tetsuya X Reader [Oneshot]
"Ohayo gozaimasu." The low tone voice and the feel of something soft hitting your cheek directs your attention from your phone to your blue haired boyfriend.
"Ah, Tetsu-kun! Ohayo!" You smile brightly, standing up to give him a hug.
"When did you get here?" He asks, letting go but keeping your hand in his.
"Just ten minutes ago."
Kagami, Fukuda, Kawahara, and Furihata stare at Kuroko in disbelief. They honestly couldn't believe that the quiet and "weakest" player among their team had a girlfriend! A very hot girlfriend! And it's not like they just started dating, they have been for a few months now.
"It still amazes me how he got __(y/n)-chan to go out with him!" Kawahara sighs.
"I have to know his secrets!" Fukuda is determined to ask for advice from Kuroko during break.
"That guy is full of surprises." Kagami wonders how you saw Kuroko as boyfriend material. He brushes off the puzzling thought, sitting down in his chair. You greet the other f
:icon2n31:2n31 428 95
Dangan Ronpa - Playing with Naegi by MelSpontaneus Dangan Ronpa - Playing with Naegi :iconmelspontaneus:MelSpontaneus 308 11 Heavenly Playgirl Relationships Guide by TopazShrine Heavenly Playgirl Relationships Guide :icontopazshrine:TopazShrine 216 222
The sufferers final sermon
I have been peaceful, I have been kind. I only dared to speak what others have been dreaming for so long. I had dreams too, dreams of what might have been. Where blood was simply blood, and all of us were equal. If wishing for that is hericey then yes, i deserve to die. Ive seen acts of sublime kindness, and the most vile cruelty. They say powerful beings find anger, when they have no room for love. What made you so? Are you so scared of change? Of those who are different?i realize, I am different from you. I have known feelings that none of you could ever hope to know. I have known the comradery of a friend who supported me against all odds. I have known the compasion of a guardian who took in when no others would and raised me to dream and hope. I have known the love and passion that trancends in deffanition. Theres no use hideing it now, you all can see me for what i am. The signless, the sufferer, the mutant. My blood burns brightly for all to see, it is the flame of a revolution t
:iconmcpasty-ouo:mcpasty-OuO 71 20
The Witch's Son by Auroaronkitten The Witch's Son :iconauroaronkitten:Auroaronkitten 24,818 1,225 Punkstuck))) by Tai-atari Punkstuck))) :icontai-atari:Tai-atari 576 58 Homestuck Base by Solar-Tears Homestuck Base :iconsolar-tears:Solar-Tears 254 27 I Am Being Molested By Sticky Notes by NoxSatuKeir I Am Being Molested By Sticky Notes :iconnoxsatukeir:NoxSatuKeir 189 86 ULTIMATE HOMESTUCK CHARACTER CREATION TEMPLATE by Games4me ULTIMATE HOMESTUCK CHARACTER CREATION TEMPLATE :icongames4me:Games4me 2,827 386 Jake English by Sakuma-kantoku Jake English :iconsakuma-kantoku:Sakuma-kantoku 148 43 Commission - Kris by SonicRocksMySocks Commission - Kris :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 236 8 Commission - Soul + Erin by SonicRocksMySocks Commission - Soul + Erin :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 309 7



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I like turtles. That's about it
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[PS - I've also played "Heavenly Playgirl", and that was the shit. She wasn't a Native-English speaker, but she tried her best and gave her characters amazing backstories.]


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